5 Reasons planning your wedding 2 years in advance is a good idea

Why planning your wedding 2 years in advance is a good idea

Here at our Cornwall wedding venue Tredudwell, we pride ourselves with complete flexibility for our couples. We have some couples who plan their wedding in just six months but we also welcome couples who want to plan years in advance. If you’re engaged – congratulations! You’re probably wondering whether planning your wedding two years in advance is too soon, so here are five reasons why it’s a great idea.

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1. Time to start saving

When you start planning your wedding two years in advance, you have much more time to start saving for your wedding budget. Weddings can quickly spiral out of control unless you keep tabs on a strict budget. You need to have the conversation – who’s contributing? Any family members? Do people want to pay for specific items? If so, how much are they offering? Talking about money can be awkward but the good news is that by having the conversation upfront you avoid tough conversations later on. We recommend setting up a separate savings account to put your wedding savings into so that you can keep it separate from your regular spending. When thinking about the size of your wedding, do keep your guest list flexible at this stage but have a rough idea of how many you want to invite when considering your budget.

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2. Time to dream & enjoy

By planning 2 years in advance you can have much more time to dream of your wedding plans and enjoy the process and actually enjoy the rest of your life too! It’s very easy for planning your wedding to take over your lives, and we encourage you to enjoy all aspects of life in this busy exciting time! You can use Pinterest to plan a moodboard and collect inspiration images from wedding blogs and suppliers you love. We believe that by planning longer term will save you money, stress, and overall help you enjoy the process more.

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3. More choice of dream wedding suppliers when planning your wedding two years in advance

By planning your wedding two years in advance you’ll have a better choice of your dream wedding suppliers. Do keep in mind that most suppliers adjust pricing on a yearly basis so do be aware of this and ask them for their prices so you can accurately estimate your budget. Note that you can’t book a supplier without booking a wedding date as they won’t be able to secure your booking in their calendars. So make sure you get the wedding date booked first! So now’s the time to consider which suppliers you want and start having those conversations including your photographer, videographer, florist, cake, band or DJ, and a wedding planner if you’re getting one.

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4. More freedom for your ideal wedding date

By planning your wedding two years in advance you do of course have much more freedom of date for when you want to get married. It’s much less likely to clash with other friends and loved ones’ celebrations. You can also consider more carefully which season of the year you want to get married in, and of course your venue and suppliers are more likely to be available the further in advance you plan.

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5. Select your wedding venue

By planning your wedding two years in advance, you get to have a bigger choice of wedding venue. Be careful to look at what you two like as a couple, what is your dream, what is feasible and can the venue be flexible enough to accommodate your dream wedding day. 

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Of course, here at our Cornwall wedding venue Tredudwell we are fully committed to supporting you to plan realistically but also to dream big! We accommodate all sorts of requests, as well as all sorts of weather! Here are some helpful blogs that will support you to consider where you’d like to get married and what kind of wedding you’d like:

If you found this blog helpful please do let us know over on Instagram and of course if you’d like to get married at our Cornwall wedding venue Tredudwell, get in touch here.

Valerie & all at Tredudwell x

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