How to be inspired by nature for your wedding at Tredudwell

WOW! We love hearing our couples say this very word when they first visit our Cornwall wedding venue Tredudwell. We may be biased, but we agree! Tredudwell is so beautiful that we can only be compelled to preserve and enhance its surrounding beauty. In fact, ninety percent of our couples would choose Tredudwell for the views, peace, and hearing the birds!

The location of our Cornwall wedding venue is magical

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When we say our Cornwall wedding venue is remote, it’s really remote! It’s so quiet here, that all you can hear are the birds. Our couples love the intimate freedom this offers, where you and your guests can be completely in your own bubble to enjoy the celebrations.

pond and garden view couple just getting married sustainable venue cornwall
Alexa Poppe

Get married outside

Here at Tredudwell, you can get married entirely surrounded by nature, whether you choose to get married indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours. Our outdoor ceremony space is particularly beautiful when the weather plays ball, with our Roman temple set up for up to 200 wedding guests, over looking the clifftop, the Lantic bay beyond and our own pond and wildflower meadows. Perfectly romantic and perfect for photos to capture your day!

outdoor ceremony cornwall wedding venue
Grant Lampard
outdoor garden ceremony coastal wedding venue cornwall
Grant Lampard

Enjoy drinks with a view

With so much space available, you and your guests can enjoy not just the wedding ceremony outdoors, but drinks and food too! Depending on your preference, our caterers can organise barbeques, pizza ovens, cocktails and much more for you to sit out and enjoy on our patio and in the gardens.

drink reception barn venue cornwall outdoor patio
Grant Lampard
Music in the garden outdoor garden venue Cornwall
Grant Lampard

Did we mention the view?

As we’re right on the coast, we actively encourage you to drive two minutes down the road to get gorgeous photos from the clifftops with the magical views! You can then park up and walk down the stunning tunnel of greenery that leads to the cliffs, like something out of a movie!

 Couple on a cliff walk coastal wedding venue cornwall
Grant Lampard
wedding couple kissing cornwall wedding venue
Grant Lampard
Wedding couple on the coastline cornwall wedding venue cornwall
Thomas Frost
wedding couple on the coastal view wedding venue cornwall
Grant Lampard

Spend time with loved ones in our gardens

We work hard to create beautiful gardens for you to enjoy, which are absolutely perfect for lawn games and group photographs, especially with our gorgeous Cornish granite steps as you can see!

Game on the lawn coastal wedding venue cornwall
Alexa Poppe



granit steps group photo barn wedding venue cornwall
Alexa poppe
confetti wedding barn venue cornwall
Grant Lampard

Cherish the beauty of our Cornwall wedding venue surroundings

One of our commitments to sustainability is to nurture wildlife in our three hundred acres, which you’ll spot around our pond near the Roman temples and our colourful wildflower meadows, which you can find directly below our pond. You can walk around them and have some brilliant photos taken by your photographer on the day! You’ll find crimson red clover, white flowers, wild radishes, beautiful lilac-coloured flowers. You can also walk around and enjoy the parkland with mature trees, it is so wonderful to feel cool in our hot summers!

Wedding couple in flower meadow sustainable wedding venue cornwall

Couple in wild flower meadow sustainable wedding venue cornwall
Grant Lampard

Keeping your Cornwall wedding venue sustainable

Of course, we cannot share how to be inspired by nature for your wedding without talking about how to make sustainable decisions to protect nature and our planet. Any items purchased at our Cornwall wedding venue bar, such as takeaway cups or straws, are compostable, and we reduce waste by recycling everything we can and by making the majority of our own purchases compostable items. We only accept dried flowers and bio-degradable confetti and we source responsibly working with local suppliers and encouraging you to book local. You can find out more about our sustainable wedding venue policy here. This can start as easily with choosing seasonal flowers and so we asked one of our recommended florists Garden Gate Flower Company, to share where to start with this!

confetti dried petals sustainable wedding venue cornwall
Lyra and Moth
seasonal flowers bridal bouquet
Garden Gate Flower Company / Lyra and Moth

“Choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding day supports more than just the environment. Flowers grown locally support an important ecosystem of creatives. In my case choosing me and my flowers also benefits other creatives like local potters as I use their beautiful ceramics to dress your wedding breakfast table. However, the environment can not and should not be overlooked or taken without great consideration. Flowers that aren’t seasonal often carry huge air miles to get here, are treated with lashings of awful chemicals which are not only nasty for the individuals that have to care for them but also for the watercourses that surround the growing site. My flowers are grown under 10 miles from Tredudwell Manor, they are grown without the use of harsh chemicals and follow sustainable growing methods. I grow crops that support the bees, butterflies & bird population which in turn reduces the need for pesticides. I like to think that my seasonal flowers are a balanced system – they support me and I support land and nature.”

Bridal bouquet country house wedding venue cornwall
Lyra and Moth

We hope you found our advice on how to be inspired by nature for your wedding useful and please do let us know if you have any questions. Our team are very happy to help you! If you’d like to check availability to get married at Tredudwell, please do get in touch. 

Valerie and all at Tredudwell x

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