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Wedding planning can simply be a daunting task, there are hundreds and hundreds of suppliers on the web, thousands of ideas on Pinterest, great magazine choices with brilliant photos to plan Cornwall wedding – it’s exhausting.

One basic question: Where do you start with planning Cornwall wedding?

The general idea is to start with the venue in order to secure the booking of your ceremony at the most convenient day and time.

Once the ceremony logistics are out of the way, the main question is to find the best-suited caterer your budget, your general theme.

Whatever the chosen options, we are here to help you find the best quality offer. The quality and the professionalism of your caterer’s team is one very important key to a relaxed Cornwall wedding. At Tredudwell, we are aware of the variety of tastes and options out there.

We have, therefore made the decision to work in partnership with some of the best caterers in Cornwall instead of offering our own menus.

To be true to the bespoke approach we offer, we give our couples the opportunity to be presented with infinite options but most importantly a way to find the offer that will suit you with the guarantee of true professionalism on the day, our catering partners are simply brilliant!

Over the years, we learnt to observe and listen to every couple’s feedbacks as well as their guests’ impressions to finally write our suppliers’ list where you will find some wonderful people.

However, we are super keen to discover new talents and are very happy to work with new wedding professionals so if you have personal recommendations, we are very open and would love to meet them!

Why true wedding professionals are so important:

The service on the day will be impeccable, the food delicious, the flowers stunning and the overall attention to details and care to you and each one of your guest incomparable. Stunning weddings deserve to be beautifully captured or filmed, once more we can help you find the best-suited photographer or videographer.

In brief, flowers, hair, makeup, decoration, DIY of course but if you need us we are here to help with every aspect of your wedding.

The main ingredient that turns a seemingly daunting experience into the most agreeable one is the sharing with people who truly are passionate about what they do and who genuinely want to help you realise your dream wedding.

So, let’s all get together and share the joy to make such a unique experience ever so special!

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