Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue in Cornwall: How we work with nature to create a beautiful wedding at Tredudwell

Did you know that by getting married at Tredudwell, our couples actually contribute to supporting the environment? Here at Tredudwell, it's very important for us to be an eco-friendly wedding venue in Cornwall.

Today we wanted to share about our proud achievements as an eco-friendly wedding venue in Cornwall. We are incredibly committed to sustainability here at Tredudwell. For more information please read our sustainability wedding venue policy.

To us, the Estate is far more than just a business.

For one thing, the Estate is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and so it is our duty to preserve the surrounded environment. We are also a working organic farm with HLS level farming which implies that the mission of preserving wildlife is vital otherwise, we will lose our stewardship. But really, we are passionate about it too! The main reason for us getting up every day is preserving this exceptionally beautiful and unspoilt area. We want to keep it this way and improve it for as long as we both shall live. To date, we’ve invested (and risked!) a lot, but we do it because we are absolutely passionate about it. We consider it a great journey, but an exciting one with visible benefits every day – just ask the increased number of birds, bees and butterflies visiting Tredudwell.

The wedding venue is at the heart of the Estate and any improvements of its landscape means that it has to be coherent with our environmental mission. When couples choose to get married here, this supports the investment in planting of a wildflower meadow which would be great for wildlife and, of course, great for photographs too! When couples say yes to getting married at Tredudwell we can plant native species trees, and create a pond where we can integrate wildlife – the fountain attracts dragonflies, the housemartins bathe under the hot sun by enjoying cool dips in the water and of course our beautiful couples exchange vows in a completely idyllic setting, as well as creating a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photography.

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We continually look at the land on the Estate to see if we can identify more opportunities for our couples, and are currently considering leaving some fields around Tredudwell to be very natural where we will plant wildflowers for exquisite photo opportunities but also, of course, for the delight of all beautiful creatures.

We have a strong feeling of community here at Tredudwell and with our suppliers and it is hugely rewarding to think that our tangent into the world of events and hospitality has made a big impact on the local community. It obviously works both ways, as without our fantastic and local team, we would not be able to deliver the quality of our service!

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An Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue in Cornwall

A rural environment such as Tredudwell need constant work to keep everything in balance and that includes the level of employment, the respect of the environment and of course the upkeep of the historical assets. We also try and work as an eco-friendly wedding venue in Cornwall in the following ways:

  • We are pleased to say that we only use an LED lighting system
  • Our Pavilion building is rated A in its energy efficiency
  • We do not use plastic including our straws and cups which are 100% recyclable
  • We only allow biodegradable confetti or even better, dried flower petals!
  • We actively recycle at the venue including recycling bins in the venue.

Because sharing the Estate with you in the best possible ways all is equally important as passing on to the next generation in the best possible conditions.
The wedding venture is allowing the creation of those special and ever so memorable moments that you live together as close friends and family.

It also helps building those strong foundations for the future in the most sustainable ways and that includes a thriving local community to keep the organic farm, to manage woodland better etc, the list is infinite!

We thank you for sharing the adventure with us!

If you’re interested in finding out more, please do contact Valerie here.

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If you’re interested in booking your wedding at our Cornwall wedding venue, please get in touch.

Valerie & all at Tredudwell x

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