10 tips for hosting an unforgettable evening reception for your wedding at Tredudwell Manor

Hello lovely couples and soon-to-be newlyweds! If you’ve chosen our beautiful barn wedding venue in Cornwall to celebrate your special day, then you’re already on the path to creating a magical wedding experience. But let’s take it up a notch for an evening party that will be the talk of the ‘coastal villages’! Enjoy Imani & Simeon’s awesome teaser video to show just how awesome a reception you can have here at Tredudwell.

Imani + Simeon – Teaser from Tredudwell Manor on Vimeo.

Here are some fantastic tips to ensure you host an unforgettable evening reception for your wedding.

1. Create the perfect party playlist for your evening party

Music is the heartbeat of any great party, and your wedding evening is no exception. Curate a playlist that caters to a diverse range of musical tastes, from classic hits that get everyone dancing to the latest chart-toppers. Don’t forget to include some crowd-pleasers that will have even the most reserved guests grooving on the dance floor! Do not hesitate to be opened about what you would like and make sure you take the time to work the list trough together first with your official other half to be! The best way to find out if some of his/hers family members are really into italo disco? At Tredudwell, we have been collaborated with some great DJS who will be able to help you. These wonderful guys are on our suppliers list, get in touch with us to find out more.

Grant Lampard

2. lluminate your party with lighting

To truly host an unforgettable evening reception for your wedding, transform our elegant barn into a whimsical wonderland with the right lighting. Fairy lights, lanterns, LED candles can work wonders, creating an enchanting atmosphere that complements the beauty of the countryside. You can even project patterns on the dance floor to add a touch of magic to the evening. Outside, transform our woodland garden area into a magical forest with coloured themed lighting installation, talk to Ross, a great DJ and light installer, he will be able so happy to help you!!

Nick Bailey

3. Create a delicious signature cocktail for your wedding

Treat your guests to some delightful signature cocktails that represent your unique love story. Whether it’s a play on your names or a nod to your favourite drinks, personalized cocktails add a touch of charm and make the evening even more memorable. At Tredudwell, Mark our professional mixologist would help you design the best wedding cocktail!

Toast wedding couple barn wedding venue cornwall
Dan Ward
Bar Wedding reception barn venue cornwall
Andy Holter

4. Entertain your wedding guests with lawn games

Bring out the kid in everyone with some fun lawn games! From giant Jenga to cornhole and croquet, these activities offer fantastic ice-breakers and ensure everyone has a blast while the newlyweds take their photo session.

Lawn Games hire cornwall wedding venue
Grant Lampard

5. Provide your wedding guests with late night snacks

All that dancing is bound to work up an appetite. Surprise your guests with a brilliant locally sourced Cornish speciality, I am sure you can guess what I am refereeing it to! Or opt for some freshly woodfired cooked pizzas! Whatever you would prefer, if you are not entirely sure about to do, we would always recommend to have a chat with your main wedding breakfast caterer to discuss what options they will be able to offer.

Wedding venue cornwall evening food reception
Kernow Forno/The Springles

6. Provide a photo booth for your wedding guests

Capture the joy and laughter of the evening with a photo booth stocked with quirky props. Your guests will love taking silly and candid shots, leaving you with an album of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Photo both props hire evening reception cornwall barn wedding venue
Dan Ward
Hire props wedding evening reception barn wedding venue cornwall
Dan Ward

7. Surprise your wedding guests

Another excellent way to plan an unforgettable evening reception for your wedding is to create a wow factor with surprise entertainment acts! It could be a professional dance group, a magician, or even a fireworks display to light up the night sky and leave everyone in awe. Talk to us we could recommend some fabulous and professional suppliers.

Wedding venue evening reception band barn wedding venue cornwall
Andy Holter/Barry and the crumpets

8. Get your wedding guests involved

Engage your guests throughout the evening by incorporating fun activities. You could organize a group dance, a sing-along, or even a game show with guests as participants. It’s all about bringing everyone together and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

wedding group photo wedding reception barn venue cornwall
Andy Holter

9. Create cosy chill out zones at your wedding

Not everyone might want to dance all night, so set up some cozy chill-out zones where guests can relax and have conversations away from the dance floor. This ensures that everyone feels comfortable and has a place to enjoy the evening in their own way. We have got some great suppliers you could contact to hire in the furniture which will be perfect for chilling!

Outdoor cosy wedding corner barn wedding venue cornwall
Andy Holter
wedding reception group photo barn venue cornwall
Andy Holter

10. Say farewell at your wedding with sparklers

End the night on a high note with a magical farewell. Hand out sparklers to your guests, and as you make your grand exit, the sparklers will light up the night, symbolizing the spark of love that brought you together.

Sparklers barn wedding venue cornwall
Grant Lampard
Sparklers wedding couples barn wedding venue cornwall
Nick Walker

Remember, it’s your wedding evening party, and the most important thing is to have fun and celebrate your love with your nearest and dearest. With these tips, we’re confident that your wedding evening at our barn wedding venue in Cornwall will be an absolute blast, leaving your guests with cherished memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Get in touch to check our latest availability.

Cheers to a night filled with love, laughter, and endless joy!

Andy Holter
Groom party wedding venue cornwall full moon shot
Andy Holter

Valerie and all at Tredudwell x

Videography credit: I Do Film

Photography credit:

Dan Ward 

Nick Walker

Grant Lampard

Albion Row

The Springles

Nick Bailey 

Andy Holter


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