How to choose your wedding photographer for your Cornwall wedding

Wedding couple holding hand in hand on the coast cornwall wedding venue

How to choose your wedding photographer for your Cornwall wedding

Today we are so happy to highlight one of our recommended, award-winning photographers, Tom Frost, on how to choose your wedding photographer for your Cornwall wedding with us at Tredudwell Manor. We pride ourselves in working with the very best, and so we were thrilled when Tom shared these words of wisdom.

Tom has been capturing wild weddings in the South West for over 15 years, as a Cornishman, he spent his youth exploring the coastlines of Cornwall which feeds into his wedding adventure style photography. Find out what he considers to be the main elements when hunting down your perfect wedding photographer…

When looking at photographer’s websites and portfolios online, what are the main elements couples should be looking at in terms of professional quality?

Essentially, find the vibe you like. When considering how to choose your wedding photographer, you should pay close attention to five key elements which will determine how your wedding album will look and if you will like it.

couples by the sea coastal barn wedding Cornwall
Thomas Frost Photography

Do you like the photographer’s style?

Professional photographers understand how to frame shots, use interesting angles, and incorporate artistic elements. Ask yourself, do they have a consistent style? Is there a specific colour palette? Does the photographer take creativity to the next level with lighting techniques, smoke bombs and drone photography? These are the things which will take your wedding album to the next level.

Smoked bomb night shot wedding group photo wedding venue cornwall
Thomas Frost Photography

Do you like the stories they are telling?

Evaluate the photographer’s ability to tell a story through their images. A wedding day is a narrative filled with emotions, and a skilled photographer can capture the essence of the day by documenting meaningful moments. Look for a portfolio that goes beyond posed shots and includes candid, genuine expressions and interactions.

outdoor wedding ceremony couple with parents wedding venue cornwall
Thomas Frost Photography

Do you like the intimacy that comes across in the photographer’s photos?

Assess the photographer’s attention to detail. This includes not only the big moments but also the smaller, intimate details that contribute to the overall narrative. A photographer who captures the finer elements of a wedding, such as decorations, accessories, and subtle expressions, demonstrates a thorough and thoughtful approach.

confetti couple kissing wedding venue cornwall
Thomas Frost Photography

Do you like the photographer’s sense of adventure?

When you’re thinking about how to choose your wedding photographer, look for people who showcase versatility in their portfolio. Wedding venue locations are usually surrounded by ample off the beaten track opportunities. Does the photographer go beyond the venue to find wonderfully wild backdrops for your portraits? When the bad weather hits, does the photographer dance with the couple in the rain or hide away indoors? A photographer who can adapt to diverse situations while maintaining a high standard of quality is a valuable asset.

wedding couple on the cliff cornwall coastal wedding venue
Thomas Frost Photography

Do you like the photographer’s reviews?

Take the time to read client reviews and testimonials. Feedback from previous couples can provide valuable insights into the photographer’s professionalism, communication skills, and ability to work under different conditions.


outdoor ceremony wedding venue cornwall group photo
Thomas Frost Photography

How to choose your wedding photographer: What is your approach to capturing candid moments and posed shots during a wedding?

For me, the challenge is encouraging you as a couple to forget there’s a camera around at all, letting myself fade into the background when necessary, or helping you to be completely yourselves, unfiltered and relaxed. That’s when the magic happens.

wedding breakfast father of the bride speech
Thomas Frost Photography

This comes with building a trusted relationship beforehand during planning meetings. On the day, I take careful consideration when integrating myself into the day which comes down to you as a couple.

For instance, If you are confident and full of energy, I’ll lean into that and encourage you to dance in the sea, run along the beach & have fun with smoke bombs. If you choose a quiet and intimate ceremony, I’ll focus on those candid close-ups, capture you from afar as they appear lost in the landscape, and those first magic moments after the ceremony.

Wedding couple dance floor first dance barn wedding venue cornwall
Thomas Frost Photography

After a decade of practice, I find every wedding and couple are unique, the atmosphere is unique to you and my photography technique feeds off you. I immerse myself into the day, absorbing your relationship and body language. This guides my photography and videography to be bespoke to every couple.

How do you handle different lighting conditions for weddings, especially in Cornwall’s unpredictable weather?

I’ve photographed many wild Cornish and sunny European weddings to compare the great weather debate.

I can say with a hand on my heart, that the unpredictability of the weather in Cornwall is one of the best things about being a photographer in the South West.

The changeable skies offer ample opportunity to create unique photography that will make you grateful for the ever-changing elements sweeping over your wedding day.

wedding couple golden hour cornwall wedding venue
Thomas Frost Photography

Sometimes those bright blue skies can cast heavy contrast which can be challenging to work with and I find myself hunting for shade in the caves, whereas white cloud cover acts as a brilliant diffuser which is perfect for those dancing in the sand shots, or the wild waves and heavy wind give drama to those cliff top portraits. I love the darker days when I can drop my exposure right down to pick up blurry movement in the landscape and give that Kodak film look.

Whatever the weather and lighting conditions, a good photographer will know how to play with it.

Couple walking hand in hand in the sunset wedding venue cornwall
Thomas Frost Photography

What’s your experience with wedding photography timelines, and how do you ensure that you capture all the essential moments?

This can be challenging, as every wedding is different and there is so much which can affect the running of the day.

This really boils down to the photographer’s documentary experience and their rapport with the venue/wedding planner or coordinator. Communication is key, adaptability is essential and thinking on your feet all combine to ensure every moment is captured.

wedding evening celebration barn wedding venue cornwall
Thomas Frost Photography

My experience allows me to understand body language, taking in every moment to ensure I don’t miss the next. I often compose my images and wait for the moment to happen. I can take an educated guess on what is going to happen next, meaning I rarely miss a shot. With not far off a thousand weddings shot, I have a key skill set in navigating an ever-changing environment.

bridesmaids looking at bride wedding venue cornwall
Thomas Frost photography

Are you familiar with our wedding venue, and do you have any creative ideas for capturing its unique features?

I’ve shot some of my favourite weddings at Tredudwell Manor. The architecture, interiors, gardens and location make each wedding unique, creative & beautiful.

bride in staircase country house manor house
Thomas Frost Photography

Every time I’ve shot here, I find new compositions and backdrops to play with. I’m totally in love with your outdoor ceremony space. The sweeping gardens surrounding your Roman folly next to a garden temple are incredible and great to work with in the dark, as you can light it up beautifully and play with the shadows.

just married kiss outdoor wedding venue cornwall
Thomas Frost Photography
outdoor ceremony temple cornwall
Thomas Frost Photography

The garden also incorporates a secret magical spot which is perfect to have fun with those sunset silhouette shots. A truly versatile venue.

Massive thanks to Tom Frost Photography for sharing his words of wisdom and we hope they’re helpful to you in choosing your wedding photographer for your Cornwall wedding. If you enjoyed this advice, you might also like this blog we shared on how to share wedding planning with your partner.

Of course, if you’d like to check availability, please get in touch here.


Valerie & all at Tredudwell x

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