How to plan a wedding breakfast at Tredudwell with top chef Jamie Beetham

How to plan a wedding breakfast top tips

Wedding breakfast barn reception venue cornwall
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We thought it was time to share some top tips on how to plan a wedding breakfast. Here at Tredudwell Manor, when setting up our Cornwall wedding venue, we made the conscious decision to work with external caterers so we could offer more flexibility and more choices to our wonderful couples. We have never regretted our decision because we get the chance to work with some amazing people and develop really good working relationships to ensure very high standards of quality and service. Communication with caterers is key to guaranteeing smooth planning for your perfect wedding day. Every caterer on our recommended list at Tredudwell is amazing and care very much about their clients and ultimately their own business. Sometimes, however, our couples may choose some specialty dishes that our caterers may not be able to offer, so please share with us your wish list and we can organise some meetings.

Today, we are lucky to have top chef Jamie Beetham as a guest to give you some wonderful tips on how to plan a wedding breakfast at Tredudwell:

Wedding breakfast reception barn venue cornwall
Andy Holter Photographer – Beetham Food
  • What do you enjoy about catering weddings at Tredudwell?

Tredudwell is a lovely Cornwall wedding venue and we are blown away by the stunning views. The venue offers a great space for our team to work in. From a practical element, we can drive right to the kitchen to unload everything, there is a huge refrigerated trailer provided by the Cornwall wedding venue and the kitchen facilities are perfectly set out with room enough to work! 

Tredudwell is a very welcoming team and they are great at communicating with us throughout the day. The atmosphere is always a happy one!

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Our Front Of House Team enjoy serving food to guests in the Reception Pavilion, whereby there is lots of natural light and room for our team to walk around the tables when serving without crashing into anyone!


  • What are your three top 3 tips for couples on how to plan a wedding breakfast?

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  1. Have a budget for your wedding breakfast in mind, so we can work together realistically to create a wedding breakfast which you want. We have no hidden additional costs, for we provide everything you require for your wedding breakfast, including laying tables, linen, glassware, food, front of house staff, kitchen staff and we clear away! And this is a really important aspect of your day, for smooth and organised logistics will ensure your wedding day is stress free. 
  2. Choose a wedding breakfast menu which you as a couple will enjoy! Don’t be influenced by trying to please everyone, for it may result in you choosing a menu which you never wanted in the first place. As your chef, I will always ask, ‘What food do YOU like?’
  3. And consider your evening food a little more carefully, so there is less wastage. So again, think about what you would normally enjoy after a night out! Is your go to food pizza, a curry, a burger, a hot meaty bap? Again, I will always ask the right questions to find out more about exactly what you want and offer guidance if you’re unsure.


  • What are your 3 favourite choices for a three course wedding breakfast? 

canape serving wedding reception barn venue Cornwall
Andy Holter photography – Beetham Food
  1. I love canapés for starters. They not only look fantastic but offering a selection of canapés ensures there is something for everyone.
  2. For me, it’s Reef & Beef! There is nothing better than indulging in perfectly cooked beef, large garlic prawns and scallops served with chunky chips. Delicious!
  3. I’m torn between a chocolate caramel mousse and Cornish Mess of strawberries & clotted cream. I will happily have both!
desserts selection wedding breakfast barn venue cornwall
Andy Holter Photography – Beetham Food

Thank you so much Jamie for sharing your wisdom with us on how to plan a wedding breakfast. We hope you found the tips useful. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or you’d like to check availability to have your Cornwall wedding at Tredudwell Manor here.

Valerie & all at Tredudwell

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