Cornwall wedding venue advice: How to plan your Cornwall wedding when living out of County

As a Cornwall wedding venue, here at Tredudwell Manor we are so lucky to be surrounded by incredible space for a country house wedding with the option of an outdoor wedding ceremony, with an amazing sea view looking over the cliffs. We know that’s why so many of our couples who live out of county choose to get married here – they have fond memories of coming to Cornwall for family trips as children, or simply falling in love with the place when discovering us as a couple...
Out of county wedding planning

We were curious to find out more about the planning process when you don’t live nearby so we asked one of our happy couples, Ella & David, to share more about how to plan your Cornwall wedding when living out of county.

Why did you choose to have a Cornwall barn wedding?

Dave & I have both visited Cornwall so many times over the years with friends having holiday homes there and just loving the coastline! When our first wedding was cancelled (due to be in Surrey) during lockdown, we decided to completely change up the location and style of wedding and have a more relaxed, coastal wedding, Cornish vibe! My brother relocated to Cornwall in February 2021 and found the venue whilst out walking with his family, so it was meant to be!

How did you feel when you first visited our Cornwall wedding venue, Tredudwell Manor?

We loved Tredudwell from the moment we arrived. It is set in the most tranquil area in Cornwall, with views in all directions for miles. Hayley welcomed us with open arms and we knew it was the one for us!

What role did Tredudwell play in making the Cornwall wedding planning process feel reassuring? Communication? WhatsApp? Video calls?

As we were in lockdown when we booked the venue in February 2021, Hayley kindly showed us around the venue via video call and even on screen we loved it! Following this, we had many WhatsApp exchanges and video calls – Hayley was always on hand to support.

How To Plan Your Cornwall Wedding When Living Out of County – Did you find our Cornwall wedding suppliers list a helpful tool?

Tredudwell have a very informative recommended suppliers list, so we used this to find our caterer (Richard – need details), wedding photographer (Albion Row) and wedding florist (Anna’s Flower Barn). I checked in with Hayley on our choices before booking and she agreed they were amazing! They were also happy to have calls/video calls in the lead up if we couldn’t get there in person!

How did your guests feel about travelling to Cornwall for your wedding? Was this a factor to consider when deciding to marry in Cornwall?

After reflecting during the pandemic, we decided to reduce the size of the wedding, when booking in Cornwall from 135 to 75. Those that we had invited were our closest friends and family, so we had no doubt they would travel for the event!

What would you say to other couples who may be worrying their wedding guests may not come to a Cornwall wedding!?

Don’t ever feel pressure to invite wedding guests from friends or family – Think of who you both want to spend the day with and only invite those people! Those lucky people, will make the effort to be there, and if not, you can have a Zoom or video of the ceremony!

In choosing a Cornwall wedding did this give you the freedom & opportunity to feel you could expand your plans to create more of an extended event with your family & friends? If you had married in your home county would this have been less likely?

We could have, but both wanted a smaller wedding, as mentioned before, and could not be happier we had less people. You want to enjoy their company!!

Tell us more about your wedding in Cornwall & why did Cornwall make it special?

It was genuinely the most wonderful day, I was SO keen to get married outside, but being October, the weather can be very temperamental. We were so incredibly lucky to arrive on the Friday before to set up, and between us and Hayley decided to go for it. The outdoor wedding ceremony was just beautiful and the sun shon for us! Being more relaxed and Cornish, we even had our 6 month old Labrador puppy as our ring bearer and she could not have been better! We also left straight after the ceremony with our AMAZING photographer, Paul, for photos overlooking the sea with Indie (our dog). It really was such a memorable occasion.

And finally – what are your top 3 tips on how to have Cornwall wedding planning success?

  1. Go with the Cornish vibe and relax into it. Tredudwell Manor and all of the Cornwall wedding suppliers had such a relaxed flexible wedding approach of going about things and it made the experience far less stressful to arrange!
  2. Have the wedding, suppliers, guests and experience that you both want. Don’t let outside influences impact the day you wish for!
  3. Make the most of having a wedding in Cornwall – enjoy going down for weekends for your food tasting, meeting the photographer, florist, and explore whilst there! It’s such a stunning county!

Thank you so much to Ella and David for sharing their experiences of getting married at our Cornwall wedding venue and sharing advice on how to plan your Cornwall wedding when living out of county.

We are so pleased we helped you have the best day! If you enjoyed reading this, please do read from another of our couples on how we helped them plan their DIY dream wedding in Cornwall.

If you’re interested in having a sea-view wedding venue in Cornwall, please do contact us to check our availability, we’re gearing up for another busy summer!

All at Tredudwell x


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