Planning your Church Wedding in Cornwall

Here at our Cornwall wedding venue, we just love our local parish church St Wyllow of Lanteglos by Fowey. Many of our couples like a Christian church wedding ceremony, so we thought it would be a good idea to ask our Reverend all about planning your church wedding in Cornwall with your burning questions!

Richard Allen is the rector of Trelawny. He has been ordained for 30 years. He has spent most of his time working as a school chaplain at Millfield and Christ College Brecon. He is a PE teacher by trade and whilst in school taught rugby, hockey football and cricket. Richard has spent his entire career working with young people and prides himself on being flexible and understanding and has tried to bring the church into the twenty-first century and make it relevant to this generation. It is his intention to make your wedding service a happy, fun, joyous and memorable occasion. He is thoroughly enjoying his Cornish swansong.

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1. Can I get married in a church where I don’t live?

When planning your church wedding in Cornwall, t is still practical to get married in St Wyllow of Lanteglos By Fowey, a beautiful ancient site of worship found on the Cornish Coast Path and only a 5-minute drive from your beautiful Cornwall wedding venue, Tredudwell Manor.

There are two key ways to get married at our beautiful church, lots of the couples marrying in our churches use these methods.

  1. You may find you have a qualifying connection i.e. your family has previous connexions to one of these parishes. See the Church of England website marriage qualifying connections.
  2. If you don’t have a connection that qualifies, all you need to do is attend worship 6 times in the lead-up to your planned wedding or come and stay in the parish you wish to be married in for 8 nights. We would be delighted to help and advise in more detail how this works.
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2. How much does a church wedding ceremony cost?

Here are the essential costs to have a church wedding with us:

Banns  £34.00

Marriage Service  £665.00*

Non-statutory admin contribution £35.00

Clergy travel costs £20.00

Total: 754.00


Optional extras:

Organist fee (if required) £100.00

Bell ringers by special arrangement  £150.00

*If you are a non-parishioner or have no original connection to the parish church a levy of £100 will be applied to the total cost.

When planning your church wedding in Cornwall, a non-returnable deposit of £100 will be required to secure your chosen date and cover administration. The remaining fees will be payable before the reading of the banns/4 months before your wedding day and an invoice for the balance will be issued accordingly.

3. What happens in a church wedding ceremony?

A normal church wedding service will include the marriage vows. There is an opportunity to sing a hymn or two or listen to music which is special to the couple during the service and as you arrive and depart. Normally, there are some readings, sometimes verses from the Bible and some prayers for the newly married couple. When you’re planning your church wedding in Cornwall, the service is very much how you would like to tailor it.

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4. What are the legal requirements for a church wedding?

Before you get married, I (Richard the Reverend) will meet with you, and check your eligibility to marry which will include seeing passports or driving licences and proof of address. If you have been married before, he is more than willing to talk with you and still hopefully accommodate a wedding for you. If you are a non-EU passport holder it is still possible to marry but there is a longer process which he will happily explain.

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5. Can you play music at a church wedding? What about decoration, photography or videography?

We want you to have a special day so within reason we leave all this to the discretion of the couple, the photographer or videographer along with your choice of music. We try not to be fussy but fun and accommodating!

6. What kind of music should you have at a church wedding?

The music is very much up to you. Couples can choose traditional music played on the organ or grand piano but may like to use a local music group. We can recommend an excellent string quartet from Lanreath. Some have hired a gospel choir while others have friends and family who’d like to play.

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7. Can I have a blessing at Tredudwell, our favourite Cornwall wedding venue instead?

I’d be delighted to come to Tredudwell to offer a blessing to any couple who have married at the registry office prior or have used a marriage celebrant at Tredudwell. A blessing can take any form that the couple would like. It can just be some simple prayers but for others, they might like almost a full-scale marriage service which we can perform and to your friends and family it will look just like a normal marriage service. When planning your church wedding in Cornwall, it is all up to you.

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Grant Lampard
Grant Lampard

8. Who do we contact to plan a church wedding with you?

Please contact the Benefice Administrator Pippa Morrell-Davies 07399563440 If you would like to talk to Richard please email on or phone 07383621292.

Thanks so much Richard for answering our questions which we know you’ll find so useful. If you’d like to check availability to have your wedding at our Cornwall wedding venue, please get in touch here.

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Valerie and all at Tredudwell x

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