Our 9 Best Reasons to Choose a Mid Week Wedding at Tredudwell Manor in Cornwall

Planning a wedding is a very exciting journey, with one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is choosing the perfect day to tie the knot. While weekends may seem like the obvious choice, this can also bring on an onslaught of challenges – availability of your venue, availability of your photographer and other fabulous wedding suppliers, and even your wedding guests may not be able to join you to celebrate due to being invited to other weddings! In this blog we’ll go through the many advantages of opting for a mid week wedding in Cornwall. Here are the top 9 reasons why saying “I do” for your mid week wedding can make your special day even more memorable.

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Dan Ward

1. Your venue is more likely to be available for a mid week wedding

Choosing a mid-week wedding opens up a world of opportunities when it comes to selecting your dream venue. Many highly sought-after wedding venues in Cornwall have greater availability on weekdays, allowing you to secure your preferred location with ease. At Tredudwell Manor, if you would consider getting married with us, we can offer you some fabulous dates during school holidays making Tredudwell the perfect destination wedding for everyone. You can contact us to check our availability here.

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2. It’s usually more friendly for your wedding budget

If you’re looking to maximize your wedding budget, a mid week wedding can be a smart choice. Typically, venue rates, supplier fees, and even accommodation costs tend to be lower during weekdays, allowing you to enjoy substantial savings without compromising on quality. At Tredudwell, on top of offering a really fabulous mid-week package price, download our brochure here, we offer you an additional £1,000 off!! That could mean so many things for your budget when planning for a wedding like choosing your dream destination for your honeymoon or booking that super cool band that you have secretly hope to have to entertain your guests! Well, the list is endless!

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3. Your preferred suppliers are more likely to be available

At Tredudwell, we offer you and extensive list of our recommended suppliers, highly professional, and fabulous to work with, a huge variety of offers and wedding services making your wedding planning journey easier.

However, securing the services of your preferred suppliers can be challenging on popular weekends. So, by choosing a mid-week wedding, you’ll have an advantage when it comes to securing the availability of photographers, florists, caterers, and other wedding professionals you have your heart set on.

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4. You can explore Cornwall with your wedding guests

While some guests may need to take time off work, hosting a mid-week wedding allows your loved ones to plan a long weekend getaway or a mini-vacation around your celebration. It adds an element of excitement and adventure to your wedding, giving your guests the opportunity to explore the stunning beauty of Cornwall before or after your special day. Getting married in Cornwall during the summer months will still be possible despite little availability left on weekend dates so by considering mid week dates, you could still make your dream come true!!

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5. You have more choice on the size of your wedding

A mid-week wedding often lends itself to a more intimate celebration. With a smaller guest count, you can create a cosy, warm ambiance where you can truly connect with your loved ones. It allows for more meaningful conversations, shared experiences, and a chance to spend quality time with each and every guest. Or equally, by choosing a mid-week date and saving some money on your venue booking, you can stretch that wedding guests list a bit further so you could have your dream wedding party!

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Dan Ward – The Garden Gate Flower Company

6. Accommodation is more likely to be available

Cornwall is known for its breathtaking landscapes and picturesque towns. By hosting your wedding mid-week, you increase the chances of finding accommodation options for your guests even in very busy summer months. Whether it’s a charming bed and breakfast, luxurious hotels, or self-catering cottages, your guests can find the perfect place to rest and relax.

7. Wedding suppliers tend to have more flexibility with their timings

Weekend weddings often have multiple events happening at various venues, leading to potential time constraints. On a mid-week day, suppliers typically have more flexibility in terms of scheduling, allowing for extended setup and breakdown times. This flexibility can contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere, ensuring your day flows seamlessly.

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Dan Ward – Butland Wedding Stationery

8. It’s more unique & memorable

Choosing a mid-week wedding sets your celebration apart from the norm. It adds an element of surprise and excitement for you and your guests, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved. Your wedding becomes an exceptional occasion, creating lifelong memories that will be cherished by all.

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Dan Ward – Bespoke disco

9. No crowds, no time constraints, your wedding in Cornwall can be just for you

Cornwall is known for its stunning landscapes, rugged coastline, and picturesque countryside. By getting married on a mid-week day, you have a better chance of securing your preferred wedding photographer, who can capture breathtaking images against the backdrop of Cornwall’s natural beauty without time constraints or crowded locations.

So while weekend weddings are popular, a mid week wedding in Cornwall offers a host of advantages that can elevate your special day to new heights. From a wider choice of premier venues to cost savings.

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Luke and Lauren’s wedding was a perfect mid week wedding, and we are delighted it was featured in Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. Here’s what they said about working with us:

“Tredudwell Manor in Fowey was the perfect place to hold our wedding. It was a beautiful blank canvas with so much charm, which made it easy to bring our vision to life. Being set up for both outdoor and indoor ceremonies meant that when the rain clouds appeared at the last minute, it was no problem for the ceremony to be relocated inside the venue, with the doors thrown open so we were able to keep the feeling of still being outdoors.” Luke and Lauren 

Thank you so much for choosing us!

Valerie & all at your favourite Cornwall wedding venue Tredudwell Manor x

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