Wedding Roles List: Who does what & when at your wedding?

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The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived: your wedding day! Your wedding planning journey has led you here, and you can finally celebrate LOVE with your friends & family. The outfits are pressed and steamed, the hair is perfect, and the guests are about to arrive….it’s time to get married! But how exactly do you ensure your day runs smoothly? Every couple needs help on wedding days, so we are writing this blog to discuss the wedding roles list and how your favourite humans can support you throughout your wedding day.

The best bit is that you can choose exactly who you want to be part of your wedding party. The choice is entirely yours, from bridesmaids to bridesmen, best man or woman, and perhaps your much-loved pooch as ring bearer. But this is so much more than just a gesture! An essential part of wedding planning is assigning roles and clearly defining who does what and when.
But you can’t begin to do that until you know exactly what these roles consist of. So, let’s break it down – the wedding roles list you need and all the explanations.

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Wedding Roles List: Your Maid/Man Of Honour

This person is one of your biggest supporters on the wedding day. They typically support the bride or one of the partners.

The role of a Maid or Man of Honour is critical to ensuring the couple can fully immerse themselves in all the magical moments. If you’re asked to carry out this role, here’s what your duties might include:

Before the wedding day

A major part of your role is to listen to and support the couple when they talk about the wedding, and help keep the peace with any potential disputes!

On the morning of your wedding

Anyone with this role should play a crucial part in creating a calm and reassuring atmosphere on the wedding day morning, including helping people get dressed, checking that the wedding outfit fits perfectly and keeping an eye on the clock.

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Before the ceremony, the Registrars will wish to speak privately with the couple getting married before the ceremony, usually in the Wedding Suite. This will be the perfect time for the maid or man of honour to gather at the wedding party to prepare to walk down the aisle. You should decide in advance who will be starting and who will follow! There is nothing worse than any last-minute confusion.

Throughout the wedding day

In this role, you should help keep the couple hydrated with plenty of water no matter the weather and be responsible for communicating the couple’s requests to the wedding coordinator or planner on the wedding day.

Wedding Roles List: The Best Man or Woman

This person is often referred to as the groom’s wingman or wingwoman and supports the other partner who doesn’t already have a Maid/Man of Honour.

Being asked to be the Best Man/Woman role involves much more than arranging the stag do, and you have plenty of time to recover for your wedding day! Here’s what a best man or best woman’s duties might include:

Leading up to the wedding day

Before the wedding day, please make sure you’re clear on what the couple needs from you on the day. This way, the day will flow easily and without any pressure on one individual. Be sure you talk to the Maid/Man of Honour to chat about your duties and how you can jointly support the couple.

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Greeting the guests

A crucial part of your role here is greeting all the guests on arrival. This means you need to arrive well on time before the guests do, especially if you’re staying offsite.

Delivering a speech

Delivering a speech, which is traditionally known to play a vital part in wedding proceedings – It is essential to be prepared. Do not leave writing the speech to the last minute! If you’re reading from your phone, make sure it is fully charged and on airplane mode. No one wants a sales call in the middle of the wedding! Make sure you take time to practice the speech. Read it out loud to a trusted friend or yourself in the mirror. If you want to use a microphone, fear not; we have a superb PA system at Tredudwell.

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Wedding Roles List: The Wedding Party

Next in our wedding roles list explained blog is whether you have bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers, groomsmen or women or besties who are on TeamWed, we know that communication is vital with whoever you choose. With our many years of experience hosting weddings at Tredudwell, we know this is important to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable wedding day! Your TeamWed can help with so many aspects of your wedding – so we have compiled a little checklist to help you consider which duties you will assign to whom:

Setting up for the wedding

At Tredudwell, couples can access the venue from 8 a.m. the day before the wedding, meaning lots of time to style the venue as you wish and have a wedding day without any rush or stress.

Your ‘TeamWed’ (the name we give to the wedding party!) is most welcome to join you and assist on this day, and this will also be a super opportunity for you all to chat with our wedding coordinator and ask any questions. This will also be the perfect opportunity to have a practice run-through for the ceremony – deciding who will stand where and when can help reduce any panic on the wedding day. Plus, think about the front row! How many chairs will be required for your dearest ones? Remember to leave chairs allocated for those who will also be walking down the aisle – they will need a seat, too!

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Managing your guests

The couple will be hectic, so make sure your wedding party know who is going to:

  • Welcome your guests to the wedding
  • Seating your guests, remembering to keep free the seats required for those walking down the aisle.
  • Taking care of the bouquets and buttonholes – Members of TeamWed who are getting ready with you in the wedding suite and accompanying you down the aisle can be super helpful by ensuring they each have the correct bouquet. Make sure the stems are dry! Very often, the flowers will have been kept in water to preserve them, so please be careful when removing them so as not to get the outfit wet. Need help? Just ask our wedding coordinator, and we will assist you.
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Be on time

We couldn’t share advice about a wedding roles list without mentioning this one! As a member of the wedding party, you need to be ready at least half an hour before the ceremony. Everyone can help with this one by making sure they are prepared in plenty of time, but of course, you will need to know the schedule ahead of the wedding day.

Walking down the aisle

Before the wedding day, discuss with the couple what order they’d prefer you to walk down the aisle, or discuss between yourselves if they do not have a preference. Be sure to decide before the day – there will be enough going on, trust us!

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Who will take care of the rings?

It would be best if you decided who look after the rings on the day before the wedding day. Usually, the best man/woman may undertake this duty, but again, this is your choice—we love it when your cute pup takes on the role!

Confetti time!

You need to think ahead of your wedding and how you will do this. If you decide that guests will each take a handful of confetti from a basket, then make sure you provide two baskets with two of your wedding party to hand out along each side of the row, which will save so much time.

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Master of Ceremonies

This role doesn’t need to be as formal as it sounds, but we find that choosing a person known to your guests is perfect for making those little announcements, and ideally someone who has a big voice and doesn’t mind speaking to crowds! Announcements such as when it’s time for confetti or time to eat or time for the first dance or speeches might be considered here.


Who will be making a speech at your reception? There is no limit on how many speeches can take place, nor is there a restriction on who can make a speech! Just take a little time to consider the timings of when the speeches take place—before, in between courses, at the end? The choices on this are yours! Just be sure to let your caterer know in advance of your wedding day so they can ensure the timing of your food is perfect.

Taking care of the wedding gifts

If you have a gift table, card box, or a special keepsake such as a guest signing book, assign the task to one of your wedding party to ensure the safe collection of these items and their return to their safe place.


What do we do to help you on your wedding day?

So we have shared the wedding roles list as we see it but what’s our role? We have previously written about your wedding morning timeline so you can find out more about how we support you. As a team, we are there for you from the moment you first choose us as your wedding venue, and this support continues throughout your wedding planning journey and on your wedding day!

We will coordinate your wedding ceremony, staff our bar with our fabulous team to serve your guests the drinks they choose, direct suppliers for set up, and offer practical solutions if any problems arise.

Most importantly, overall, we knit together your plans for your wedding day – by following our wedding roles list, you will equip our wedding coordinator to ensure your wedding day is simply perfect! Our experience offers an added assurance of a no-stress wedding, meaning as the wedding couple, you merely immerse yourselves in the happiness of your wedding day and create memories to last a lifetime.

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If you’d like to check availability to get married in Cornwall at Tredudwell Manor, please get in touch.

Valerie and all at Tredudwell x

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